Introducing Magnetic Premium

Our premium magnetic lash collection consists of multi-dimensional and voluminous lashes. Along with an ultra-fexible thin cotton band with 10 micro magnets for an easy and quick application and to provide a seamless blended results. Our lashes are handcrafted with precision to ensure the best quality, Ideal styles from natural to dramatic to ensure we have you covered on every occasion,
Reusable up to 50 times with proper care.

Will these lashes complement my eyes?

We have carefully created 3 different last styles, 2 of them for every day use or casual occasions and the third lash to add a little more of drama and sparkle to your eyes. Overall the 3 pair lashes are the same length and they leaning towards the natural side, which is a great way to be introduce into the lash world. 

Is the Venture Beaute/Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner Safe?

Yes, our Magnetic Eyeliner it is safe and it works just like any other eyeliner. The only difference is our formula which our main ingredient is Iron Oxide. Iron Oxides are gentle and non-toxic; usually not irritating to the skin and aren't known to be allergic. Iron Oxides typically don't cause problems even for people with sensitive skin. Iron Oxides also allows to attract the micro magnets on the lash band, you can also readjust it and your lashes will stay on all day.

Pros About Magnetic Eyeliner  

You don't need to be a pro to apply our magnetic lashes, There is no glue and as soon as you apply it, it instantly magnetize and you can readjust the lash and it will still re-magnetize. Your lashes will be secure all day and night and there are windproof, smudge-proof and waterproof to ensure you will be taken care of. 

Cons About Magnetic Eyeliner

Our eyeliner is slightly thicker than traditional eyeliner to ensure your lashes will be secure and it does take 2-3 minutes for it to be fully dried. Lastly Magnetic Lash Glue it is a lot more expensive. 

What should I use to remove the eyeliner and how should I clean the lashes? 

Micellar water or any makeup remover, cotton round and cotton swaps will be your best friend to remove the eyeliner residuals from the lash band and the eyeliner from your eyelids. You will take a cotton round and saturated with micellar water and then place it on your eye for 10 to 30 seconds depending how heavy is your makeup and then gently swipe off the product. For your lash you will saturate the cotton swaps with micellar water and gently press on each magnet and across the band to remove any eyeliner residuals and then place the lash back on it's case. 

How do I know if I did something wrong while applying my magnetic lashes?

If there is any lifting, or you feel like the eyeliner is not fully dried it will eventually cost the lash to lift, allow the eyeliner to fully dried and your lashes will stay on all day.

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