How To Apply Traditional Lashes?

1. Remove lashes carefully by the end or beginning of the band using our Venture Lashes tweezers.

2. Wiggle to loosen the band and grab the lash and place it on your eye to measure length of the band to fit your eye shape. 

3. Trim your lash by the end of the band to arrange a perfect fit, you can use our 100% stainless steel scissors.

4. Apply lash glue to the band from the beginning to the end and wait for about 30-45 seconds for the glue to become tacky.

5. Curl your natural lashes as needed with a our lash curler and add mascara.

6. Grab your Venture Lashes tweezers and apply your false lashes as close as possible to your lash line.

7. Make sure that they are perfectly attach to your lash line so, they look natural and you’re ready to go!


Shake well before every use. Pour hot water into a small container. Add a few pumps of lash cleanser. Gently pull off any remaining glue from the lash band. Rinse the lashes with warm water. Blot the lashes on a paper towel to remove excess water. For best results, place the lashes in their original container and allow them to air dry or blow dry. Use our lash wand to brush them out.  Repeat steps as needed. 


  • It is not recommended sleeping in our lashes.
  • Avoid adding mascara to your lashes, it will shorten the lash's life.
  • Make sure to be gentle, all of our lashes are 100% handmade.
  • Store them back in our lash case to ensure they remain in good shape and safe from any debris or moisture. 

The beauty of our Lashes

Each pair of  Venture Lashes is individually hand made, with an ultra thin and flexible lash band designed to provide you all day comfort and easy application.

 Our lashes are made with the highest quality material. They are very lightweight and  soft. Venture Lashes can be worn 25+ applications.

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